The Dart is Coming Back!

The Dart is Coming Back!

Matteo Mendoza
3 minute read

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The Dart released in 2018 with a specific mission: create the same luxury feeling as our other razors but at a more approachable price point. It accomplished this mission, however it didn't have the stamina that our other razors did. 

We ended the Dart's run in early 2021 after many months of disappointing performance. We loved it and were frustrated that others didn't, but nothing is sacred. It had to go. 

So we moved on. We made a new razor under $100 - the Era - and that seemed to go okay.

But in time, people began to ask about the Dart. "Where did it go? Did the Era replace it? Will you bring it back? How can I buy it?"

People always want the thing they can't have. We're used to that so we ignored it for a while.

Then the few turned into many. Then it became dozens. We opened up a suggestion box on our website, asking our customers what they want to see from us. A lot of those comments and suggestions were asking us to bring back the Dart.  

So the people have spoken. They want the Dart. 

We began to brainstorm: "How many should we make? How long do we sell it for? Will we sell enough? How do we make this batch of Darts special, separate from the ones before?"

Here is our answer:

We are releasing a small quantity of Darts in the machined and polished finish, around 150 total. Each Dart will be individually serialized, and the serial number will be engraved on the stand that comes with it, too.  

Yes, that's right. The Dart will have a stand, for the first time ever.

The last (and best) version of the Dart will only be sold as a razor + stand set. 

For those that already own a Dart, there will be a few dozen stands available without the engraved serial number. We don't want you to feel left out!

For those that have hounded us with comments, messages, emails, calls: this is your chance. This is the Dart's final song, the last hoorah. Once we are sold out, that's it. No more Dart. 

The sale will take place in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for our newsletter and social media announcements!

If you can't wait until the Dart comes out, check out one of our other unbeatable safety razors at our shop.

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