The Blackbird Titanium's New Look

The Blackbird Titanium's New Look

Matteo Mendoza
2 minute read

We all know that going through changes can be difficult, but change is necessary for growth. Which is why we are making a significant change to one of our bestselling products - the Blackbird Titanium.

The Blackbird Titanium is getting a facelift with the new bead-blasted satin finish. We like it a lot, and we know that you are going to love it, too.

First, we have a couple of housekeeping items to address:

1. The new finish does not affect performance of the Blackbird Ti.

It is still the same razor that we all know and love. The satin finish doesn't affect the silky smooth glide, efficiency, aggressiveness, or control that you have come to expect when using a Blackbird Ti. Trust us - if changing the look affected performance, we would not be making the switch.

The only thing that is changing is the finish. This new look is much more uniform and consistent, and gives the Blackbird Ti a luxurious look and feel.

2. The Blackbird Ti is only going to be offered in the Satin finish.

We are no longer going to be offering the Blackbird Ti in the polished finish - at least for the time being. The truth is, we haven't been able to consistently meet our standards of mirrorlike perfection, and if/when we are able to do that, we will consider bringing it back. 

We know that this finish is the right choice for the Blackbird Ti, but we're not married to it. If our customers don't like it, we can always go back to the classic machined finish.

If you're feeling super bummed about the machined finish being no longer with us, just remember that underneath every satin finish razor is a machined finish one. ;)

If you want to purchase a Blackbird Ti in satin, click here

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