Razor Refresh

Product to be Serviced:

Blackland razors are built to last a lifetime and that means they're subjected to years of use and (sometimes abuse). Give your razor a fresh restart by having the pros at Blackland take care of it. With Blackland's Razor Refresh service, we'll make sure your razor is in pristine operating condition to continue serving you for years to come. 

For three-piece razors, all three parts will be ultrasonically cleaned followed by steam sanitization and inspection for proper fit and function. For Ospreys, the razor is completely disassembled, cleaned, and sanitized before being lubricated, reassembled, and inspected for proper function.

Polished finish razors receive light touch-ups to restore the polished finish and remove light hazing and scratches. To convert a machined or satin finish razor into a polished finish, please see our Razor Finishing Service.

* Razor Fresh is only available for customers in the USA.
* Only Blackland products are able to be serviced.

Ordering Process:

  • Add each product to your cart separately. For example, if you wish to send in a Blackbird razor with an extra base plate and a stand, add “Blackbird Razor Stainless Steel” to cart, then add “Blackbird Base Plate Stainless Steel” to cart, then add “Razor Stand Stainless Steel” to cart.

  • Check out when ready and enter your shipping details.

  • After purchasing, you will receive an email with shipping instructions to send the product to us. Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping.

  • Once we receive your shipment, your product will be serviced and shipped back to you within one week. You will receive tracking information via email once your order is fulfilled.

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