Black Forest, Germany

Black Forest, Germany

About Blackland

Founded in 2015, Blackland has earned a reputation as one of the most respected companies in the shaving industry. We're fueled by a passion for tools that blend both form and function, and everything we make is obsessively designed in-house, made in the USA, and backed for life. We’re a small team with the single mission to make the best razors and shaving goods in the world.

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Blackland was founded by Shane Swartzlander who named the company after the translation of his German last name, referencing his ancestors’ heritage in the Schwarzwald, or Black Forest of Germany.
Inspired by a regional legend called the Black Forest Hirschsprung (stag leap), our logo features a stylized stag, his antlers reflecting the mountainous environment of the Black Forest. Just as we seek to move shaving forward while pulling from traditions of the past, the stag charges ever-forward yet looks back on where he came from - a nod to tradition and to our roots.


Our Values

USA Production

It's not just an empty slogan. We take "Made in the USA" seriously.

Everything that we can possibly make or source here, we do. Our products, packaging, shipping supplies, the blades our razors come with, and even the paper we print your receipt on are all made here. We're certainly proud Americans, but we don't do this out of nationalism or because we don't believe that people in other countries can make quality goods. We do it simply because it's the best way to ensure that our products are made to our exceedingly high standards and, more importantly, that the people who craft them are treated fairly and are provided with acceptable working conditions.


Our employees are the lifeblood of our company and we treat them like they deserve to be treated. All Blackland employees are paid no less than $20/hr and are provided paid breaks, 401(k) matching, and as much temporal flexibility as possible. As soon as we are able to provide medical benefits, we'll do that, too.

We believe that work should be a fun, safe, and supportive space where employees are encouraged to grow both in and out of the office. Employers should honor and respect the sacrifices their workers make to help grow their business and we do our best to do just that. We may be a tiny company, but we're committed to putting people over profits.


Simply put, we treat our customers the way we want companies to treat us. That means picking up the phone, responding to emails promptly, and treating you with authenticity and respect. We do what it takes to ensure that our customers are cared for and we never put our own interests over yours. That means that if we think another company's products would be a better fit then we'll happily guide you to them. We never push things that you don't need.

We don't always get it right and sometimes we make mistakes. When that happens we believe in owning our mistakes, fixing them immediately, and making it right.