Osprey Adjustable Razor Shave Levels Explained

Osprey Adjustable Razor Shave Levels Explained

Shane Swartzlander
4 minute read

Osprey Shaving Range

Most adjustable razors are designed so that you enjoy the razor across the entire shaving range. Those designers want you to like using both the lowest and highest setting so that you feel as though you're getting the full experience of the razor. But if both the upper and lower ranges of an adjustable razor suit your shaving style, it means that the razor doesn't have a wide enough range. And if the range isn't wide enough to fit everyone, how can you know if it will work for you?

The Osprey doesn't work that way. We didn't design it for some users to enjoy at every shave level. Instead, we designed the Osprey so that every user would find some shave levels that work perfectly for them. With a best-in-class shaving adjustment of 1.4mm, the Osprey's huge range means there is a shave level for everyone.

Level 1

Smooth and extremely mild with no blade feel. A shave more about avoiding risk than cutting close. Users of cartridge razors will find this level similarly safe.


Level 2 

Still mild with no blade feel, but we're starting to gain some efficiency. This level is great for body shaving and for those with light beards. Also an excellent shave level for learning the ropes of a safety razor shave.


Level 3

We're close to mid-range shaving territory, but still slightly on the mild side. The blade can be felt when adding a bit of pressure, giving some extra efficiency to those trouble spots. Users of the Sabre L1 or Gillette Tech are likely to gravitate to this level or one close to it.


Level 4

Now we're entering mid-range shaving territory where efficiency creeps up and the blade can just start to be felt. This is a great level for comfortable daily shaving with little risk of nicks or cuts. A nice do-it-all shave level that we consider to be the midway point in the Osprey shaving range.


Level 5

Blade feel increases the smallest amount, but this shave level is still wonderfully smooth and not intimidating. Fans of the Blackbird Lite are going to enjoy this level.


Level 6

The shave is still very manageable and approachable here, but you can begin to see what's coming in Levels 7-9. Blade feel is present, but not overwhelming and the shave is still nicely balanced while leaning slightly in the direction of efficiency. This is the last of the shave levels where we'd recommend starting here. For the rest of the shaving range, you'll want to work your way up.


Level 7

We've officially entered efficient territory. From here on out, it's all about achieving the closest shave. Blackbird fans are going to find the efficiency of this region familiar, but the recipe is different. The Osprey's L7 has less blade feel and a larger gap than the Blackbird while still delivering a similarly close shave. If you don't like blade feel, turn back.


Level 8

Compromise fades away and the blade feel and large gap are evident here. Osprey's edge-to-edge blade clamping provides a perfectly secure platform, giving the shave a feeling of precision and control so the shave isn't unwieldy. Expert shavers will find this level to be a BBS machine.


Level 9

This is the Osprey's ceiling where going any further is a recipe for harshness. Level 9 provides all the efficiency you could ever want to mow down the thickest beard around. We recommend this level only for experienced shavers who have used the Osprey for several shaves.

Our goal for the Osprey was to build one razor for every shaving style - an adjustable razor that truly tackles the full range of shaving needs. Which Shave Level is perfect for you?

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