Blackland acquires Above the Tie

Blackland acquires Above the Tie

Shane Swartzlander
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Above the Tie is joining the Blackland family

When I began working on the concept of Blackland in 2014, I didn’t know a thing about the wet shaving market. So I looked to the brands who were leading the way to help me decide what kind of company to build. That’s when I discovered Above the Tie. Their razors were exceptional, classic designs machined from solid stainless steel with tight tolerances, but it was the way they ran their business that inspired me most. Quality products made in the USA with uncompromising customer service and high-minded brand values. They engaged with the community, developed a loyal following, and always did right by their customers. At a time when a lot of the existing brands had poor service and the occasional scandal, ATT stood out as the kind of brand to follow.

I built Blackland largely by following their example. Not just because it looked like a successful company, but because it looked like the kind of company that I’d be proud to own. It might be an understatement to say that Blackland wouldn’t be the brand it is today without the influence of Above the Tie. 

Earlier this year, Mariah and Matt of Above the Tie made the difficult decision to close the business after more than twelve years of serving the wet shaving community. I believe a brand this impactful with such a rich legacy deserves another chance. The community is better off with Above the Tie in it and I knew nobody could provide a better home for ATT than Blackland.

Working hand-in-hand with Mariah and Matt, we’ve reached an agreement for Blackland to acquire Above the Tie.

We’re thrilled to share that Blackland Razors is acquiring Above The Tie! We believe Blackland, like us, cares about quality, innovation, and doing things right. We trust them to keep the Above The Tie spirit alive and to keep delivering the quality products you love. We know change can be scary, but we promise that Blackland will make the transition smooth and keep the same high standards you expect from us. They value our loyal customers and are dedicated to keeping the ATT brand shining. We’re confident that with Blackland, Above The Tie is in great hands and will reach new heights! Keep an eye out for exciting things to come!

Matthew and Mariah Cole

It was crucial to Matt and Mariah for the legacy of Above the Tie to be preserved, for its customers to be cared for, and for the brand's core values to be carried on - and that’s just what we intend to do.

In 2024, we are relaunching Above the Tie. It will live on as a separate and distinct brand, but will operate under the Blackland roof and will be run by the Blackland team. We don’t yet know which of the ATT products will return or if we’ll make changes to the lineup. What we do know is that they’ll be made in the USA with the same commitment to quality that Above the Tie was always known for, and backed with the same level of customer care that I was inspired by all those years ago.

This is an exciting chapter for both Blackland and Above the Tie. We’re deeply grateful for the opportunity to carry on this legacy and to continue serving the shaving community.


Shane and the Blackland team


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