How the Stainless Steel Era's Design Makes it a Unique Razor

How the Stainless Steel Era's Design Makes it a Unique Razor

Shane Swartzlander
3 minute read

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When we set out to create the Era, we didn't choose metal 3D-printing as a gimmick to get cheap attention. We chose it because this production method allows us the flexibility to design a razor with features that cannot be machined. Without a doubt, the Era is a razor unlike any other due to its 3D-printed stainless steel construction. This makes it unique among safety razors, but the production method alone doesn't make the Era a great razor.

Here's how the Era's design makes it a world-class razor and not just a curiosity.


Perfect Edge-to-Edge Blade Clamping

Among the many benefits of precision stainless steel 3D-printing is the ability to create geometries that would either be impossible or too expensive to CNC machine. For the Era base plate, this technology gave us the freedom to create a deep overhang that supports and clamps the blade as close to the cutting edge as possible. Clamping the blade so firmly from edge to edge leads to an extremely rigid blade and a stable, repeatable shave similar to a single-edge razor. No double-edge razor matches the clamping of the Era and nothing at this price point even comes close. 


Era Blade Clamping


Unrestricted Lather Flow

The same base plate features that provide the Era's blade clamping also have the benefit of letting lather flow unobstructed, making it (practically) impossible to clog. This makes it easier to cut through thick, multiple-day beards without having it gunk up your razor and the lather channels rinse incredibly easily. Spend more time shaving and less time rinsing.




Compact, Low-Profile Head

All Blackland razors are designed with an emphasis on maneuverability to make it easier to access every nook and cranny for a better shave. The Era stainless steel razor is no exception. We've painstakingly engineered the Era's head to be as thin as we possibly could make it. It tucks under the nose easily and darts into every wrinkle and crease it encounters. Thin is in.



Customizable Handle Grip

Everyone has different needs when it comes to handle grip. Some like a smoother handle that looks elegant and feels soft in the hand. Others like a grippy handle that feels glued to their palm to give them optimal control. With the Era, you can have the exact amount of grip that's best for you. Each Era comes with six nitrile grip rings to let you decide how your handle should feel. Max out the grip with all six, keep it naked, or split the difference with three or four grip rings. There's no wrong answer so add and remove as you see fit to find your perfect setup.





We believe that metal 3D printing is the future of American manufacturing, but that's no reason to buy a razor. The Era is a razor worth owning for its design features that cannot be found in other safety razors, especially at this price.

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