Can You Bring a Safety Razor on a Plane?

Can You Bring a Safety Razor on a Plane?

Matteo Mendoza
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As a wet shaving enthusiast, chasing the dream of the perfect shave doesn't just stop when you hit the road. However, it may seem like bringing your brand new unbeatable safety razor on a plane may not be the best idea. There may be the TSA Agent who screams "I'm tired of these mother---- blades on this mother---- plane!" as they go through your bag. I digress and return with some good news: you don't have to leave your safety razor at home. This is how you can bring a safety razor with you wherever you go, no matter the mode of transport. 

As we're American and don't respect other countries and/or adhere to their rules and regulations, we are going to only be abiding by the TSA

The Easy Option: Check Your Bag

While this may not be the answer you want, it is the one that you need. According to the TSA's website, the blades must be stored in your checked luggage. We all want to avoid checking our bag at all costs, however this is the most surefire way to ensure that all of your shaving gear will stay together. Whether or not it will actually make it to your destination with you is a query for another guy. 

The Less-Easy Option: Support Local Business

I get it. You're a practical guy, and that doesn't change when you're on the move. Which is why I would recommend choosing to travel with a Double Edge razor (like the Era or Blackbird) and leaving the blades at home. DE blades are incredibly easy to come by, you can pick them up at most drug stores/pharmacies, and because they're so cheap, you don't have to feel too bad about potentially leaving some behind for your return trip.

The Least-Easy Option: Use a Mail Service

Okay, so maybe you're not checking a bag, and maybe you don't like DE razors. If you'll only shave with your Vector with a Feather Professional blade, and that's perfectly understandable, it's a 10/10. If you're stuck on using a non-DE razor, we would recommend mailing the blades to your destination ahead of time. As someone that has previously worked in the hospitality industry, most hotels and large vacation rental properties will accept and store packages for future-arriving guests. If you're thinking of doing so for private rental lodging, contact your host to figure out the best way to fulfill your request.

For some razors that you definitely won't want to get confiscated by TSA, check out our shop:). 

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