What is Wet Shaving? The Blackland Guide

What is Wet Shaving? The Blackland Guide

Matteo Mendoza
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Society is progressing to make everything fast. Faster cars, faster food, faster delivery times on your packages, The genre of men's grooming is no different. You can get brand new, few-use razors sent directly to your door every month for a seemingly negligible price. The 17-blade razor and the aerosol-spewing instant foam has commandeered the space of men's grooming for a long time now, however, have you ever taken pause for a moment to consider any impact that has on you? Have you thought of how much your life could be improved if you simply put more intention to the things that you consume, where you buy them from, and what they can do for you? In terms of taking care of yourself and your grooming routine, wet shaving is one of the best ways to live more intentionally. 

What is wet shaving?

In the simplest phrasing possible, wet shaving is cutting hair very close to wet skin. The skin could be wet from warm water or a shaving soap or cream. Traditional wet shaving uses a brush to apply the soap to the face and build a lather, as well as a safety razor or straight razor. Traditional wet shaving is one of the most surefire ways to achieve the closest shave of your life while limiting the amount of bumps, nicks, and irritation that occurs from hacking away with your old, disposable, plastic doohickey.

Why should I wet shave?

1. Wet shaving comes with many benefits, as previously reviewed in this article. But for a quick rundown, traditional wet shaving provides the person with as close of a shave that you can get while giving you the opportunity to fully tailor your shave to your needs. You can mix and match your soap, brush, razor, and aftercare to create the best shave for yourself. 

2. Wet shaving also mitigates the amount of irritation that occurs from the razor. Because you're dealing with a single blade, the skin has less contact with the metal overall, and doesn't become as irritated. Also, the single blade cuts the hair right at the same level as the surface of the skin, therefore allowing it ample headroom to grow out without getting trapped under the skin. Shaving with multiple blades, however, slightly pulls the hair out, cutting the hair below the level of the skin. While this may feel like a smoother shave immediately after you use it, the hair can become ingrown as it grows back out, not to mention the irritation that scraping multiple blades across your skin causes. 

3. Shaving becomes meditative. Washing your face with warm water, applying soap to your brush and building a lather to the right consistency, the slightly dangerous nature of the safety razor all necessitate full focus on the tasks at hand. It's an opportunity to take care of yourself, and just yourself, for roughly 10-15 minutes of your day and improve the way you look, and thus your self-esteem. 

4. Last, but definitely not least, wet shaving just looks cool. Just like drinking whiskey, wearing a suit and slicking back your hair, or driving a classic car down the PCH, it's a way to get in touch with notes of classic masculinity that are being washed out in the current landscape.

So, do yourself a favor and get involved in the wet shaving world, you won't regret it. 

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