Razor Performance Ratings

Describing how a razor shaves is difficult due to the inherent subjectivity of shaving. What may feel smooth to one person's skin can be harsh to someone else's and vice versa. The term "aggressiveness" is often used as a catch-all attempt to describe efficiency, smoothness, and blade feel with one word. Others rely on blade gap measurements which cannot tell the whole story. We've broken up a razor's performance into four categories which do a better job at accurately depicting how a razor will perform.

To create these ratings, we've drawn on years of user feedback in addition to our own experiences. While these ratings do a far better job at describing razor performance, they are still subjective and may not be 100% accurate for every user. These ratings are meant to help guide a user to a razor that may work best for their personal skin/beard type, preferences, and needs. A rating of "10/10" may be the best choice for some users and the worst for others. There is no right answer - just the one that works for you.

For single-edge razors, the ratings are taken using the first blade listed on the Blade Selection table. Other blades may deviate from the provided ratings.