How to Clean Your Safety Razor

How to Clean Your Safety Razor

Matteo Mendoza
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Okay, so you've got your brand new, indestructible, infallible, unbeatable safety razor. Welcome :). Now that you have your new beautiful tool and you've read up on how to use it, let's get into how you should clean your safety razor. 

Do: rinse your razor with warm water after your shave is complete, ridding it of any soap and hair that may be left over.

This shouldn't be that big of a surprise, but please rinse your razor during and after your shave. It's a basic hygiene measure, nobody wants to use a dirty razor, and it will keep the razor fresh for the next go around.

Do: Disassemble your razor after rinsing, drying with a clean towel, or loosen the handle slightly to allow the blade and head components to air dry.

This step is pretty straightforward. After you've rinsed your razor, either take it apart to rinse and dry each component individually. For those that are tight on time or use the razor regularly and want to limit the amount of effort for prep, you may just unscrew the handle so the head components are loose, and allow them to air dry.  

Don't: Store your razor in the shower.

You want to minimize the amount of moisture when you let your razor dry, and the shower is not the optimal place for that. It will cause rust on the blade and render it useless earlier than it should be. Also, for the inevitable time that you get shampoo in your eye and flail around the shower, it presents a rather sharp safety issue. 

Don't: Store your razor with other hard objects like other razors, nail clippers, and tweezers to avoid damage.

Physical damages such as dings and scratches can occur from hitting other hard materials and is best to avoid them. They may not necessarily affect the outcome of your shave, however, it is best to take care of the razor so it will take care of you. 

Do: Periodically clean the razor with warm water, dish soap, and a washcloth. 

This is the safest way to clean your razor. With a mild dish soap and some warm water, your razor can be good as new without the risk of damaging the finish. 

Don't: Use harsh chemicals and/or abrasives on your razor.

Please, please, please don't use harsh products, they can cause unnecessary damage and ruin the razor's finish. Stainless steel is not invincible. If you insist on using a stronger cleaning method, a heavily diluted all-purpose cleaner or vinegar solution can work, just be sure to test it on another stainless steel object like a kitchen utensil first. 

Do: Remove the blade when storing the razor long-term.

As we have mentioned before, if the blade is still damp it can rust and cause surface rust on the razor itself. Taking the blade out of the razor if you don't plan on using it for a while is also just a smart move in general, that way you can avoid cutting yourself if you reach for it again and forget that there's a blade in there. 

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