How Often Should You Shave?

How Often Should You Shave?

Matteo Mendoza
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Some people have to shave every day for various reasons, and if you do, I salute you, and please remember to moisturize and take care of your skin. For most people, however, we are left with the question, how often should you shave?

If you're looking to maintain a clean look, you may be inclined to follow the daily shave routine, however shaving every single day is not healthy for the skin. Instead, we would advise that you shave every few days. 

You see, when you shave you don't just remove the hair, you actually take off a thin layer of the skin, as well. This is why your skin can become sensitive after hacking down your facial hair. When you shave too often you don't allow the skin adequate time to heal itself, which can lead to an increase of nicks, cuts, bumps, irritation and redness, etc. 

Your skin and beard types can actually affect the outcome of your shaves, too, and should be taken into account when deciding the frequency of your shave routine. 

Essentially it all comes down to your skin type, beard type, and how you feel after your shave.

Normal skin/regular beard: Hit it on the fairway with shaving every two to three days. This ensures that you remain presentable and clean looking while allowing your skin to heal between shaves.

Sensitive skin/regular beard: For those with sensitive skin (myself included) it's best to allow your skin plenty of time to calm down after each shave; wait at least three days between shaves to let the redness and irritation dissipate and the collagen to return to your skin. 

Normal skin/coarse beard: Shaving every other day or so will allow the skin to calm down and the hair to come back through. Because of the thick beard hair, you are at an increased risk of bumps and ingrown hairs, so be sure to always exfoliate before shaving, as well.  

Sensitive skin/coarse beard: For this skin/beard type combo, you want to take the extra time for both the skin to heal and the facial hair to return above the skin's surface, taking extra care to avoid ingrowns and irritation. You'll want to shave every three to four days, depending on the coarseness of the hair and the sensitivity of the skin. 

As always, be sure to take proper pre and post-shave skincare, such as showering, exfoliating, and moisturizing!

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